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Business Law

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Introduction to Business Law


At the Law Offices of David J. Reed we provide a variety of services to our small business clients.  Those services are highlighted below.  We form and handle the legal affairs of businesses of all types.  See our Business Types page for details on the various forms through which you may engage in business.  See our Incorporation page for what happens when you retain us to incorporate your business.  


At the Law Offices of David J. Reed we can incorporate your business.  Many business incorporate for the limited liability and some for the tax advantages.  See our Corporation Primer for a more complete discussion of incorporating and its benefits.  Some of the highlights of incorporating are listed below.  

  • A business can be started as a corporation or an existing business can be converted to a corporation.  
  • One of the most important advantages of incorporating is limited liability.  In a partnership generally, the debts of the partnership are also the personal responsibility of the partners.  In a corporation, generally the debts of the corporation are not the personal responsibility of the individual shareholders.  
  • There are certain Federal and State tax advantages.  These vary from business but can in some cases be very substantial.  
  • Corporation Primer.  Click on this link to see much more about forming and operating a small business as a corporation.  

Contract Preparation and Review

See our Contract Review page for a discussion of the services we provide in reviewing and drafting of contracts. 

Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Our Tax & Compliance pages help you wade through the morass of income and other tax issue that confront the small business on a day to day basis.  These pages contain printable forms for obtaining your tax identifications numbers and forms for hiring new employees.  

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Last modified: December 05, 2006