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Filing is a critical stage in any lawsuit.  Client and counsel must gather facts, review theories, identify and in many case locate parties, prepare a Complaint, a Summons, an Entry of Service, and other related documents, and arrange for service of process on defendants.  


A Complaint is nothing more than a piece of paper that says somebody did something wrong and they owe money.  Click on Complaint to see an example of a complaint.  

A Summons is also just a piece of paper.  It is a piece of paper generated by the Court that says the defendant has been sued and he has a given numbers of days within which to file an Answer.  See our Summons page for a sample.  

An Entry of Service is, you guessed it, another piece of paper that the process server uses to report the results of his efforts to serve the defendant.  The process server is most commonly a Sheriff's Deputy, but may be a private process server hired to serve a defendant that is particularly difficult to serve.  The Entry of Service form is only used by deputies.  See an example of an Entry of Service form.   


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Last modified: December 05, 2006