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A focus of our practice is services to the real estate investor.  We provide services relating to business law such as incorporation, formation of trusts and other entities, and contract review.  We also provide litigation services.  If you are a real estate investor, a closing attorney, a builder, homeowner, or have an interest in real property and have been sued or are contemplating legal action, it is likely we have seen your type of problem before.  

David J. Reed is also a real estate agent and an active real estate investor.  He has experience buying, selling, refurbishing, and leasing single family homes for clients and for his own portfolio.  We approach real estate from a number of perspectives and have an unsurpassed depth and breadth of experience regarding real property matters.  

Conventional & Creative

We assist all types of people and entities with both conventional and non-conventional real property activity.  With regard to residential real estate the primary difference between conventional real estate transactions and non-conventional real estate transactions is that in conventional real estate transactions the buyer is obtaining financing through a lender and paying off the seller's existing loan and in non-conventional transactions the buyer is purchasing the property "subject to" the underlying indebtedness of the seller.   See our Transaction Types for a more complete discussion of the different types of real property transactions.  

Typical Contractual Relationships

In conventional real estate transactions there several parties most with contractual relationships with each other.  These parties included sellers, buyer, agents, and brokers.  

For a diagram graphically showing the relationships between the respective parties and a description of the relationships see our Relationships page.  

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Last modified: December 05, 2006