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Preparation for litigation is actually a multi-step process in itself.  The process usually begins with a call from the prospective client to the lawyer.  The next step is typically a meeting between prospective client and lawyer.  The client then makes a decision as to whether to retain the lawyer, and the lawyer confirms the terms of the arrangement between the parties with a letter or contract.  Documents that were not available at the initial meeting are collected.  The opposing party may be contacted.  Settlement negotiations may ensue.  If no settlement can be obtained the lawyer and client agree to move to the next phase, which is filing of the lawsuit.  

What to Bring

One way to analyze any potential lawsuit is to break it down into three parts, people, documents, and law.  The people are the witnesses.  The documents are the pieces of paper that are relevant to the dispute.  The law is our Constitution, laws, regulations, rules, cases, and judicial interpretations of all of the foregoing.  What you can bring to the initial meeting with your lawyer are the documents, the paper.  BRING ALL THE PAPER.  Did I emphasize that enough?  I mean really bring all the paper that is relevant to your case.  See our Types of Cases page for details on the documents to bring for a particular type of case.  

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Last modified: December 05, 2006